Alien: Isolation looks to scare the pants off of us come October, and every new detail is another reminder of how The Creative Assembly plans to do just that. OXM UK has a few new details on the game leading up to Gamescom this week centering around where we'll be venturing through.

The report states there will be no missions that take place on a planet's surface in Alien: Isolation; the entire game will run on the deserted space station Sevastapol we've seen in the previews. Some may not like not being able to drop to a planet, but the Sevastapol will offer plenty of ways to be scared.

"Yeah, Ripley's entire journey is about getting to the Sevastapol and retrieving the black box from the Nostromo," according to senior designer Gary Napper. "So it's the case that once you get there, you have to learn the situation and try to escape."

There's also a good reason why planet surfaces were ruled out: "Because the original film was so focused on that one situation with the Nostromo," Napper explains, "it was a case of taking that experience and scaling it up for us, because instead of a crew of five against that one Alien - we're not making a two hour film, we're making a large full triple-A campaign, so we needed that variety of environment within one location, so we scaled it up to the size of a space station."

Alien: Isolation launches Oct. 7 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.