You ever get the feeling that there aren't enough heroes in the world? Get ready to get a whole truckload of them when Nintendo tosses The Wonderful 101 your way!

The new trailer shows a band of heroes fighting a bunch of baddies who've come to conquer the planet. It's got the aesthetics of Viewtiful Joe and looks to have similar crowd mechanics as the Pikmin games, except with a lot more over-the-top heroic action. These heroes can link together to create new forms, like a big fist of doom, a gigantic sword, and other ridiculous objects. And if you didn't know already, you are the 101st wonderful hero, so give yourself a pat on the back or something, even if you've yet to save the world.

The video shows us some of the big bosses, which look like they were taken straight out of old Japanes kaiju movies, and how the Wonderful 101 go about trouncing them. We're also shown how the Gamepad comes into play, when the heroes head into a locked hangar that needs a combination. Once inside, you can check out the interior on the GamePad and are able to see the correct combo, which you'll then input on the big screen.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of this multi-hero craziness! We already know that some of the Arcade Sushi crew are going to spend hours trying out that water slide. No launch date has been set, but we'll definitely let you know when a release date is announced.