Telltale Games has finally revealed a new trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 2. If you haven't completed the first season, hurry up and run through it so you can watch without suffering spoilers!

The trailer above is more of a teaser and features many of the locations from the first season of the adventure game series, as well as some voice-overs from Clementine and Lee Everett, the main characters from the first season. In Season 2, we'll be put into Clem's shoes. In fact, the hashtag Telltale Games is pushing is #IamClementine.

According to the video's description, months have gone by since the end of the first season and we now find Clementine putting the skills she learned to the test and trying to survive. Decisions you made in the first season and the 400 Days downloadable content will affect the story in Season 2, so brush up on the choices you made that Clementine remembered.

There's no word on when The Walking Dead: Season 2 will be released, but we'll let you know when Telltale Games reveals more information.