Just when you thought the undead have roamed into every area of gaming, this pinball game reminds us that we haven't seen it all.

Zen Studios has announced that it will be partnering with Telltale Games and series creator Robert Kirkman to create a digital pinball table game based on the award-winning, episodic game series, The Walking Dead. You might remember Zen Studios for their enjoyable 'Star Wars'-themed pinball games. The Walking Dead Pinball table takes the locations, characters and walkers from Season One of Telltale Games' classic series and mixes in some flippers, balls and a scoring system for good measure. Be prepared to pinball your way past Lee's family pharmacy in Macon, the streets of Savannah and even Clementine's treehouse. With all of these famous locations from The Walking Dead, we hope the finally boss in this pinball game isn't a pair of handcuffs.

The Walking Dead Pinball will be available for download on PC, mobile devices and consoles later this summer.

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