Q-Games has taken The Tomorrow Children out of its Alpha stage, and the numbers that the game produced thus far are super exciting.

Q-Games newest expedition, The Tomorrow Children, transports the player into a dystopian future world, it reported on PlayStation Blog. The human race being nearly killed off by an attempt to meld everyone together didn't stop the clones from trying to regain their life from the void that was left behind. A player can choose from six different outfits that will determine whether they are a citizen, engineer commander, miner, radio officer, or combatant. These outfits will decide what their role is for the game, but the overall task you're assigned with is to reclaim the world's lost souls.

As you play, you will level up not only your weapons, but your towns defenses to keep the evil Izverg at bay. Your town will be made up of all the lost souls, or matryoshka dolls you collect. There's a lot of cool stuff going on with a seemingly multiplayer mode that you really have to experience for yourself.

The most popular class of the alpha was the Engineer Commander, and the least popular was the Combatant. The Miner and Citizen also had a mentionable amount of people playing them. There were more than 396,000 resources collected and most of them were apples. There were 36,000 Izverg slain, but the clones didn't exactly hold their own with 28,000 deaths with citizens having to pick up the slack with 12,000 resurrections. To check out more facts about the game you can view the infographic below.