Just when you thought it was safe to breathe easily and not worry about having to buy more addictive expansions for The Sims, EA has to go and announce that The Sims 4 will be coming down the chute.

The Sims 4 will take advantage of new technology to give us the most realistic Sims yet. We'll be able to truly customize the most minute details about our Sims, from the way they look, the emotions they feel and even the way they walk. Emotions actually play a larger role in this game and your Sims' feelings have a greater effect on how they interact with others.

Watch the trailer above to get a taste of what we'll see in The Sims 4. Pre-orders open today on the official website. You can even get your hands on the Limited Edition version of the game, which comes with the Life of the Party digital content.

European fans can also pre-order The Sims 4 Collector's Edition, which comes with a Plumbob Statue, the Creator's Guide hardcover book, Life of the Party digital dontent, Up All Night digital content and The Sims 4 digital soundtrack. There's no news whether or not this Collector's Edition will make it to North America, but there's still quite some time left before The Sims 4 is released for PC in 2014, so we might get one soon!

Let us know your thoughts on this new iteration of The Sims in the comments below. Are they reaching a more lifelike level? Sound off!