Watch as the crew from The Order: 1886 lands on a zeppelin and takes it over from the inside.

This latest trailer for The Order: 1886 features a team being dropped on top of a zeppelin (by another zeppelin) and rappelling alongside the blimp to commandeer it by force.  It's rather hard to tell how much of this trailer featured actual gameplay and how much of it were just cutscenes. In fact, the only part that looked like actual gameplay was when your character had the sniper rifle -- everything else looked like a cutscene.

We have a feeling not much actual gameplay was featured due to a lot of the negative commentary that The Order: 1886's last playthrough received. With only a couple months to go until the game's release, we were hoping to see more of what The Order plays like. We've heard about its Tesla-inspired weaponry and werewolves, but have only seen airships and standard combat -- it's about time we see more gameplay of The Order to see whether or not this thing is actually worth playing.

The Order: 1886 will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 on Feb. 20, 2015.