It'll be a little while until we can actually enjoy The Order: 1886, but to hold us over, Sony's given a peek at the game's soundtrack.

Ready At Dawn and composer Jason Graves discusses the music behind The Order: 1886 and how the developer wanted it to be iconic to the game. "When I'm first starting a project, the instrumentation is the place I like to start," Jason Graves stated. "And it's not really about what instruments I'm choosing, but what instruments I'm not choosing." The soundtrack will not only feature no brass instruments, it also won't be featuring any high woodwinds. Instead, the team has substituted these instruments with bass clarinets, bassoons, and men with super deep voices. So why such low music for The Order: 1886? Graves explains, "The biggest challenge, I think, as a game composer is to come up with a sound for the game that is specific and unique to that franchise. That was something I really wanted to do for The Order--where you could hear ten seconds of music and you could say, 'That's The Order,' and it doesn't sound like any other game."

The Order: 1886 will be out on the PlayStation 4 on Feb. 20. Hopefully we'll hear more about the upcoming horror shooter from PlayStation Experience this weekend.

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