This launch trailer of The Lego Movie Video Game features a lot of blocky explosions and the Bat's favorite color.

Just in time to coincide with the debut of 'The Lego Movie' on the silver screen, The Lego Movie Video Game seeks to take players through the controllable, pixelated version of Warner Bros.' feature film. For the first time in the Lego series, environments appear to be completely made out of Lego pieces, whereas former Lego titles had pre-rendered backdrops and levels and plenty of areas that looked like they were not made of the famous peg-blocks.

The Lego Movie Video Game introduces Regular Builders, who require instruction pages to help make Lego constructions in their levels. Next to the Regular Builders we have Master Builders, who can create completely new objects based on the pieces they find in scattered throughout their levels.

The Lego Movie Video Game's cutscenes feature full voice-overs and a style of stop-motion animation to replicate a majority of the fan-made Lego movies that have flooded the Internet. The resulting effect are cutscenes that seem somewhat cheap, but charming in their faithfulness to the masses of fan-made Lego movies. The cutscene of the figure sitting on top of the photocopier was rather hilarious.

Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and plenty of other otherworldly surprises are going to be in block-form now that The Lego Movie Video Game has just came out on PC, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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