Just in time for everyone to start drinking in response to Nintendo's delay of the Wii U's Legend of Zelda game, watch this guy play its theme song on wine glasses.

Fans have been covering The Legend of Zelda songs since the series started getting popular in the late 1980s. Even if you're not a fan of video games, chances are that you still recognize The Legend of Zelda as you would Mario. GameSpot reports that not only did a man decide to cover the Legend of Zelda theme, he decided to do it with wine glasses. The musician's name is Donal Hinely and his recreation is simply amazing. Watch Hinely hit almost every note perfectly in this awesome cover.

We're digging all these unique interpretations and covers of famous video game songs. The first Legend of Zelda game debuted 1986 and since then the game has taken off and become not only a longtime series, but one of the most successful and popular gaming franchises out there. We're going to need those wine glasses, Mr. Hinely, as Nintendo has announced that the Wii U's big Legend of Zelda project has been delayed until 2016. Also, Nintendo revealed that it will not be showing this new Zelda game in any capacity at E3 2015 this summer. Instead of wine, just fill the glasses with single malt please.

You don't have to be a Zelda fan to appreciate how talented Hinely is behind those glasses.

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