Boasting over 100 characters from the Naruto universe, it's almost no surprise that four of the most powerful men in the history of ninjitsu would be added to the roster of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. While this is still some of the earliest information we have come across for CyberConnect2's newest Naruto title, it's nice to know that they're listening to the fans in determining who you can fight as.

In the current arc of the popular anime series, Naruto and the united shinobi army have recently defeated Akatsuki's army consisting of the resurrected corpses of nearly every dead, noteworthy ninja in history. This includes the various Kage (leaders) who the current generation of ninjas worship as some of the strongest ninjas that ever were. When Naruto, Gaara, Kakashi and the other ninjas found out they had to fight the some of the most famous legends to ever walk the earth, we were amazed by some of the amazing fights that the series provided. And now, we get to relive those fights on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Thanks to the press release, we know that the Second Mizukage, the predecessor of the Fifth Mizukage; the Second Tsuchikage, the wielder of the disintegrating particle style; the Third Raikage, father to Killer Bee and the current Raikage; and the Fouth Kazekage, Gaara's father and gold dust-user are all included in Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution! Anyone who has seen what these four men can do on the battlefield knows that they are welcome additions to the Ninja Storm franchise.

Keep your kunais crossed as we continue to provide information on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution as it gets released. Believe it!