We finally get an update to the overdue console versions of ZeniMax Online Studios' MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online.

ZeniMax Online Studios has given an update on the delayed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, Eurogamer reports. The Elder Scrolls Online has had its ups and downs since it debuted for PC this past April, but people have still been waiting for the current-gen console editions of the game to be released.

"We have been (and will continue to be) steadily working on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of ESO," said Matt Firor, The Elder Scrolls Online's game director. "They are playable and fun right now, but there's still some work to do before we can set an official launch date."

Firor mentions that significant UI and controller changes had to be made when going from PC to consoles. ZeniMax also had to take into account things like surround sound, voice chat, the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and other console-specific factors that weren't big issues for the PC version. Also, the Champion and Justice Systems have yet to be implemented into the game, with beta testing for these features starting in January for PC.

"It's also important to note that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of ESO are not just ports of the PC/Mac game. We have completely replaced the PC user interface with a console-specific UI designed from the ground-up with a controller and a living room play experience in mind," Firor added. "We've also added voice chat and full integration with XBL and PSN. Expect to see lots of news about our console versions in early 2015."

The Elder Scrolls Online's console editions were originally meant to debut in June 2014. If there's "news" coming for the console versions in early 2015 (such as a release date or launch window), we honestly shouldn't be expecting the PS4 or Xbox One editions of the game to come out until spring 2015. For a full list of changes being put into the console edition of the game, we suggest checking out ZeniMax's blog.

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