With The Crew's Season Pass, two exclusive cars will be racing for your attention this December.

There's more than just speed drawing players to Ubisoft's new racing game, The Crew. Now being offered is a Season Pass for the game that will get you an exciting amount of goodies for only $24.99. Not only will you get the two exclusive cars mentioned above, the McLaren 12C and the Ferrari 458 Speciale, you'll also receive four add-on car packs, tuning access and free updates.

The four car packs will come with three cars each, official paint jobs, sets of rims and an exclusive sticker. While you have the option of buying these packs individually for $6.99 each, Season Pass holders will get all of them for a discount and they'll get them an entire week before the general public. Each pack has a specific release month which is as follows: the Extreme Car Pack in January, Speed Car Pack in February, Vintage Car Pack in March, and the Raid Car Pack in April.

Each pack specializes in something different -- the Extreme Car Pack will give you the performance you need to partake in some seriously high-octane missions, the Speed Car Pack will give you rides that can provide insane speeds, the Vintage Car Pack touts some beautiful American vintage cars for you to cruise around in, and the Raid Car Pack provides all-terrain vehicles. Alongside these packs, The Crew will be coming out with some spectacular new missions that will flow into the themes of the packs.

The Crew has gotten the green light for its Dec. 2 launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Gold Edition of the game will include the Season Pass as well.

We'd love to have the cars from The Crew for our morning commute.