This trailer for The Crew shows off its open world gameplay mixed with its focus on large-scale multiplayer, but most importantly, it lets us know when we can finally be able to sit in its driver seat.

The Crew boasts an open world where you can drive from coast to coast in-game where you will be infiltrating criminal groups in automobile-based, Justin Lin-inspired goodness. You will be able to compete in online races and The Crew's other types of mission-based multiplayer, and as long as we can recreate some of the mayhem we saw in this trailer, we'll be very happy. You will also be able to form groups or "crew" that can race together, quest together and will have each other's backs in this game's open-ended streets.

The trailer concludes by announcing that The Crew's is intended for a launch window of Fall 2014. The Crew's trailer also promotes a Limited Edition Mini Cooper S Pack for those who would like to add custom parts, exclusive decals and a full set of performance parts to their favorite doghouse-looking mini-hatchback.