This new trailer for Ubisoft's The Crew gives us a peek at just how much we can make our rides our very own.

You can trick out your car in order to make it the best version it can be for whatever purpose you want it to serve. Want to be the god of dirt tracks? Give your vehicle better suspension, tires and air system to give it the tools it needs to traverse the earth. Do you prefer to race around tracks and complete circuits? You can spec out your car to have a better gearbox, tires that grip asphalt and an engine that can send you flying down race tracks.

Just think of your cars in The Crew as role-playing game characters with different skill trees and equipment that can help augment whatever particular branch you choose. Watch the video above and get ready to up your customization game when The Crew is released on Dec. 2 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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