Soon we'll be racing across the entire United States of America with our friends in The Crew, but Ubisoft wants us to know that there'll be more to look forward to than just the release of the game: The Crew is getting a Season Pass!

According to the UbiBlog the Season Pass is priced at $24.99 and includes four car packs totaling twelve additional cars, 23 unlocked tuning kits unlocked that will enhance the Season Pass car lineup, all official paintjobs and rims for the cars, and an exclusive sticker with each pack. Plus, all of the cars will unlock one week early for Season Pass owners.

The four car packs, with descriptions from the blog post, are as follows:

-Extreme Car Pack: "Performance vehicles that’ll help you stay ahead of the pack in thrilling, high-octane missions. Available January 2015."

-Speed Car Pack: "These sports cars are finely tuned for racing at breakneck speeds. Available February 2015."

-Vintage Car Pack: "Visiting an iconic American locale? You’ll want to be seen in these equally iconic rides. Available March 2015."

-Raid Car Pack: "When heading off the beaten path, you can’t do better than these all-terrain vehicles. Available April 2015."

More cars is never a bad thing for a crew of racers, but we're wondering if 12 cars is enough to entice players to jump in. We'll see soon enough.

The Crew launches December 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PC.

There are so many sweet rides here, but are any of them good enough for your morning commute?

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