EA Sports is bringing back its award-winning NHL series once more this year, and the developer has just released the very first trailer for NHL 14 to get us hyped up.

Though it isn't due out until September 30th, there's plenty to like about the first footage of NHL 14. The big hits are nice, and do a good job showing off the collision engine refinements coming. We reserve the right to be more impressed when we seem these collisions live though. While there is some indication that fights will play a bigger part based on the real life footage, the trailer doesn't really show off the Enforcer Engine (NHL 14's new physics-based fight engine).

There are definitely some nice new dekes (now accessible with one touch), and even if it's a bit tough to tell without going hands-on, NHL 14 also introduces the next evolution of True Performance Skating. New animations and better responsiveness are promised, but it'll be a few months until we'll be able to tell the difference between NHL 13 and this year's version ourselves.

You can check out the first trailer below, and let us know which team you're following into the NHL playoffs in the comments below.