This new trailer for The Black Glove shows that the Space Minotaur isn't restricted to its arcade cabinet at the Equinox.

Day for Night Games has announced that its debut game, The Black Glove, will be offering PlayStation 4 support. The Boston-based studio also revealed a brand new trailer for the game. We get to see more of the Space Minotaur arcade game, which unlocks the power of the Black Glove itself, but with a twist afterwards -- the Minotaur actually appears within the Equinox, and it doesn't look happy. Day for Night Games consists of many team members who departed from Irrational Games, which is known for BioShock and BioShock Infinite.

Unfortunately, The Black Glove's Kickstarter campaign isn't doing too well. With only nine days left, it has only raised roughly $139K of its $550K goal. This means that it needs to make $441K (roughly 80 percent of its overall goal) in order to meet the campaign's minimum quota with only a third of its time left. Given how unique and innovative The Black Glove looks, we really hope Day for Night's Kickstarter campaign ends up in the green.

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