If you've been waiting for a new update for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, you're in luck. Kind of. It really depends just how into Afterbirth you are.

Nicalis posted on its blog about the upcoming DLC that will be coming to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth called Afterbirth. Gross name, cool update. Don't let the name fool you, though; there's nothing in this DLC that should be considered an afterthought. It will feature over 100 new items, a new game mode, 10 new challenges, a new playable character, a new alternate ending, new alternate floors, new game endings, new final bosses, new bosses and enemies in general, new item pickups, new achievements and rewards, new co-op babies, new transformations and more. The developers are estimating that this absolute content dump of new stuff will extend the gameplay by another 100-200 hours, which is pretty incredible.

Nicalis even took some comments about challenges on Reddit to heart, and may be implementing them in Afterbirth. However, this week it's done with the challenge suggestions and is moving on to item combo suggestions. Since it can't implement combos on every item ever in the game (because it would take just near forever), it's looking to its fans to suggest the combos they think would make the most sense in the game.

While Nicalis works on the free update that will be coming to the game (as long as you own Wrath of the Lamb), you can check out the video above for the DLC reveal and think up some awesome item combos.