Well, if you thought before that Hollywood ran out of ideas ...

If you own a smartphone, chances are you know what Temple Run is -- the addicting mobile game in which players are chased continuously through the amazon by demon monkeys for stealing their golden idol. Now Warner Bros. is going to take that same game and somehow transform it into a film.

Some people wondered how on Earth Angry Birds could be made into a movie, but this just seems like grasping at straws. The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news of David Heyman (producer for the 'Harry Potter' series) boarding the project, which will now set its sights on finding a writer. You just can't make this stuff up.

If you're wondering what the story could possibly be about, here's  a brief teaser:

The story would center on an explorer who, having stolen an idol from a temple, is chased by demonic forces

So, basically, it's a poor man's 'Indiana Jones'?

Temple Run was released in 2011 and has since spawned a couple spinoff games -- Temple Run: Brave (for Disney and Pixar's 'Brave') and Temple Run: Oz (for Disney's 'Oz, the Great and Powerful') -- as well the official sequel, Temple Run 2, and even a digital comic, featuring a number of the various runners from the game. Perhaps 'Temple Run Comics' will best serve as the basis for adaptation, as it (obviously) has an actual narrative arc.

As preposterous as a Temple Run movie might sound, the games themselves have been a huge success. If we learned anything from the Angry Bird franchise, it's that dedicated fans will pay money for just about anything to do with their favorite brands -- and Angry Birds is getting a movie, so why not Temple Run at this point?

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