Imangi has announced that Temple Run 2 garnered over 20 million downloads just within four days of its release. That's a lot of coins.If you're reading this on an iOS device, chances are that you've helped make the game's debut so successful and have already downloaded the game over the weekend.

According to the press release, the game "has accumulated over 210 million sessions, which garners a combined time of over 1,775 years of gameplay." That's right, folks, not only can we send people into space with our technology, but we can also collectively spend two millennia's worth of time jumping and sliding away from a demonic gorilla over the course of a weekend.

It jumped to the #1 Free App slot on its first day and is currently the #3 Top Grossing App, which is impressive to say the least. We're sure the game will get similar rankings once it's up on Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace.

The original Temple Run game has seen over 170 million downloads ever since it debuted in 2011. If the buzz about the sequel and its expanded franchise is any indicator, we'll be seeing more impressive numbers and a lot more of Guy Dangerous and the crew in the future.

Let us know if you've picked up this infinite runner!