Amidst the heaps of praise thrown at Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, some gamers did have problems saving their files. In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Telltale head Dan Connors addressed the issue.

"I think in season two, we're going to be a lot more diligent about making sure that part of the system can handle everything that's going to happen," said Connors, who added that episode five didn't exist when episode one of The Walking Dead was released. "Now we know how people are going to do this and how they're going to use this and how it's going to appear to people. I think we'll have some good systems in place to make sure that it's great in the next season."

Expediency is an important element in keeping fans less disgruntled, and Connors added that his team has aggressively "patched every platform to try to get as many save file issues fixed as we can."

Now that the save file issues may be a thing of the past for The Walking Dead Season 2, when will it surface? Connors was vague in his interview, but added that it was high on Telltale's "priority list" to release it later this year.

Did you have any bug issues with The Walking Dead Season 1, or was it smooth sailing in zombie land? Let us know!