Few companies are lucky enough to boast a successful fighting game franchise under their belt, let alone two. Not only does Namco have the juggling, side-stepping Tekken to its name, but it also lays claim to the weapon-wielding Soul Calibur/Soul Edge series. Both franchises have a lot of fans 'round the world, and numerous entries to their name, but the real question remains as to which Namco fightin' franchise is the best at beatdowns.



BEST GAME: Tekken 3

BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT: Tekken (live action film)


COOLEST CHARACTER: King. He's a pro wrestler with a cat for a head. It's hard to top awesomeness of that caliber.


STRANGEST CHARACTER: Mokujin, also known as "The Log Man."




BEST GAME: Soul Calibur 2


BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT: Soul Calibur V. While this is still a pretty good game, it's far weaker than the other entries in the Soul series.






WINNER: Soul Calibur

Tekken's has a long history of wonderful fighting games bearing the Iron Fist name, and there have been far more Tekken games than Soul games, but with more games comes more chances at mediocrity. The Soul Calibur games, however, are all generally top-notch, with even the worst titles in the series still being well-loved, and well-reviewed. Plus, with Soul Calibur's huge roster of characters, massive customization options, and plethora of gameplay modes, it's hard to argue that it's not one mighty-fine fighting game series.