Anyone can defeat your foes, but it takes a certain panache to defeat them with style. When Dante hit the scene in Capcom's Devil May Cry, he helped foster a new sub-genre of action games — the stylish action game. These titles focused not only on presenting players with challenging combat, but giving them the tools to defeat their foes in the coolest way possible. Dante's a slick one, all right, but he's not the only brawler with a unique style. Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, the Slayer of Gods, the Angry Dude in His Underwear, possesses a certain brutal methodology that's come to be synonymous with the God of War games. Given that these two dudes are known for chopping down bad guys with the greatest of ease, it only seemed natural that we wonder: which monster killer is the best at kicking ass?


Best Outing: Devil May Cry 3


Worst Outing: DmC: Devil May Cry.


Coolest Weapon: The Nevan. An electric guitar that shoots bats and transforms into a scythe? Yes please.


Fighting Skills: Seriously Superbly Stylish


Intelligence: Smarter than he often lets on.


Favorite food: Pizza



Best Outing: God of War 2


Worst Outing: God of War: Ascension


Coolest Weapon: Nemean Cestus. It smashes, it bashes, it juliennes fries!


Fighting Skills: Brutal and effective


Intelligence: Dumber than a bag of rocks. Seriously, Kratos may be good at fighting, but dear god is he stupid. In the God of War games we constantly see Kratos fall for even the most obvious of ruses.


Favorite food: Anger


Winner: Dante

Both guys are hellaciously good fighters (and hellaciously fun to play as), but in the end, Dante's the victor here. He's got more style, more grace, and more personality than Mr. Shouts-All-the-Time. The fact that he can hold a conversation with someone without killing them, or figure out obvious traps and logic problems, puts him a step ahead of this mighty, but stupid, Spartan warrior.