The super fighting robot transcends generations when the Fine Bros. feature him as the star of the newest Teens React video--Teens React to Mega Man on the NES! Prepare to laugh at their ineptitude, cry at how old you feel, and, most of all, itch to go back and play some Mega Man.

"It's death at every corner!"

"Everything hurts me!"

"Nowadays, most games I play, I put on hard, and they're still not as hard as this."

For those of us who played this series in its heyday, watching these teens struggle, while still having fun, is a satisfying reminder of what made Mega Man so special in the first place. Enemies coming at you from every direction, brutal attack patterns that require quick fingers and a sharp memory, and a level that wants to drink Mega Man's Mega Blood. The Blue Bomber's first outing on the NES certainly isn't as gentle as most of today's games, but thanks to its satisfying challenge and airtight controls, it's still a great ride regardless of which console you grew up on.

You can find Mega Man alongside the rest of gaming's greatest heroes in the latest Super Smash Bros., or in Archie Comics, but it seems like parent company, Capcom, is the one place where Mega Man isn't getting any love, as he has no new games slated for development