Ever since Minecraft was released, players have been getting seriously imaginative with their creations. However, Team Lopac has come out with a new video that will just astound you.

Recently, mclopac posted a time-lapse on Planet Minecraft that sure does take us to the stars. The team, comprised of eighteen people, completely recreated the Endurance space ship from the movie 'Interstellar' with some pretty (ahem) stellar results. For those of you unfamiliar with the story of the movie, the Endurance was a ship tasked with the job of finding, rescuing, and resupplying some marooned scientists from a previous mission.

In the video above, you can see Team Lopac building the Minecraft version of the Endurance from start to finish through a time-lapse video. The coolest thing about it is seeing all the little characters hopping around the ship while they build it. At the end, they seem to gather in the center for a victory cheer because, after all that work, they pretty much deserve it.

You can check out Team Lopac's super awesome version of the Endurance in the video above. Minecraft's out on enough platforms now that you could try doing the same, but maybe start simple. You know, like with a four-wall structure.