This new game mode for MLB 14: The Show accurately takes your created character through professional baseball's drafting experience and makes joining the Majors authentic.

Kirby St. John, a designer at Sony San Diego, has recounted what has changed going into MLB 14: The Show on the PlayStation Blog. In particular, St. John talked about The Show's new Road to The Show game mode, which the accompanying video also elaborates on.

The Topps Amateur Showcase will allow your newly-created player to be accurately drafted, get the right position and get into the best possible team. If you want your player to be even better, you can send him back to school so he starts off with even higher statistics, but this ages him four years, which takes four years off of his overall career that could be used in the Majors.

MLB 14: The Show will slide its way onto PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on April 1, while its PS4 counterpart will hit store shelves on May 6.