Slam dunks and body slams will be all the rage this October, when 2K Games releases both NBA 2K14 and WWE 2K14.

Within Take-Two Interactive's quarterly financial results, the publisher announced the release dates for two of its biggest sports titles for the year. The NBA 2K series has arrived at retail in October every year like clockwork, and this year is no different. Fans of roundball will be able to enjoy an all-new entry on October 1st, which should give them plenty of time to get warmed up before the start of the NBA season.

Typically, THQ had released the WWE video game in the fall. Now 2K is calling the shots, but apparently the team liked what THQ was doing. WWE 2K14 will come out on October 29th, giving wresting fans their yearly fix of top rope action. We still haven't seen much about this year's entry, but with Yuke's on board as developers, the change won't be quite as drastic as it would be if a new developer took over.