Atrax Games is coming out with a new puzzler, Sym, that will leave you wishing that it wouldn't hit so close to home.

In case you didn't have enough anxiety in your life, social or otherwise, Atrax Games is here to bring you a video game that will take you through the journey of a boy battling with social anxiety disorder. You need to survive both the world that the main character, Josh, has made for himself to escape the real world, and the real world that he finds so unsettling. In his alternate world, Josh has two different personalities -- the one that lives in the light (Caleb) and the one that lives in the dark (Ammiel). The two have completely opposite goals -- Caleb wants to overcome his fears and Ammiel just wants to be left alone. However, the two cannot exist together; Josh can only play one character at a time. The two are represented by a white or a black figure that must overcome many dangers as well as their own inner anguish.

"Sym is the perfect example of how games can push boundaries and combine great gameplay whilst tracking significant real-world issues. The team at Atrax Games handle the challenge with distinction. It's a pleasure to be working with them to bring Sym to the world," Stuart Morton, Producer, Mastertronic stated.

This game seems to be a refreshing take on a game that it seems many people will be able to relate to at least on some level. You can check out the trailer above and then play the demo that's out on Steam now.