Kickstarter and Steam’s Greenlight program have been an invaluable resource for independent developers looking to bring their games to the masses. These democratic systems have enabled unusual and experimental games that would otherwise have never been published to find their audience. Superhot is one of those games. It has already found success on Steam, becoming the fastest game to ever be greenlit, and now its Kickstarter page has launched, complete with a gameplay video and free demo.

First conceived as part of the 7-Day Shooter Challenge in August 2013, Superhot takes a gameplay mechanic that is almost always taken for granted; the passage of time, and puts it under the player’s control. Time only moves forward when the player moves, creating an experience the developers compare to a game of “real-time chess.”

With its simple but stylish visuals and Matrix-like action, Superhot has already captured beta players’ imaginations, but the team wants to use Kickstarter to improve on the formula and deliver a full-featured PC title. If the team hits its $100K goal, it promises to add new weapons, new levels, new enemy types, explosive weapons and a story-driven campaign mode. Oculus Rift support is also on the itinerary.

Superhot has been on Kickstarter for less than a day, and already they’ve received pledges of over $31K. With 30 days left, meeting and far exceeding the goal sure seems like a certainty, though with Kickstarter, it's always tough to tell immediately. The free demo, which gives a good idea of the game's core mechanic,is available on the Kickstarter page, and is well worth a playthrough.