The time-travelling, side-scrolling, specialists of Super Time Force are back with plenty of new content.

Capybara Games has announced it will be releasing Super Time Force Ultra. For those who haven't tried this game, STFU, we suggest you do so immediately. The Ultra Edition of Super Time Force adds 50 new Helladeck levels, inter-dimensional Ultra Force powers and some new characters to try and run through bullet hell. We already wanted to go back in the timestream to play through Super Time Force, and this is the perfect reason why.

We saw three new characters being hinted at in the trailer. The first is a female who fights with two handguns. The next is a person on some kind of mini-vehicle that has a blaster attached to it. The third character is an enigma. He doesn't have any guns, he uses his fists.

Super Time Force Ultra is coming to Steam on Aug. 25.

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