Nintendo has had a lot of announcements today duringi ts latest Nintendo Direct, but one of the most exciting is the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot.

Nintendo starting a new ballot-based voting system on its website that will allow you to suggest your favorite character to be added as a new fighter in Super Smash Bros. You will have four different fields to fill in: your gender (why does THAT matter?), the character you're voting for, the title of the game the character appears in and why you think this character would be a good addition to the game. Except for the gender category, all the rest of the fields are able to be filled in using your own words, so you won't be forced to pick from a list of prepared choices. Instead, you will be able to reach deep into your heart and pull out that character that you've been dying to see on Super Smash Bros. your entire life (Geno!).

Of course, there's always a catch: Nintendo won't be able to make everybody's wishes come true. However, the ballot will provide the company with a good way to figure out which characters people are most dying to see. The whole having-to-put-in-your-gender thing is a little sketchy to me, but that's a whole different topic for a whole different article. Having to open a ballot for who will join shows how out of touch Nintendo is with its fan base. All it takes is five seconds on Google to find a variety of forums and lists to see what kind of characters everyone wants to see added to the roster. Even we made a list of who we wanted in the game. The Fighter Ballot is up at Nintendo's official Smash Bros. website.