Super Monsters Ate My Condo!, the follow-up to Monsters Ate My Condo!, is not afraid to place gamers in the throes of sensory overload. The brighter than a rainbow images jump off the screen in this jenga inspired puzzle game. Imagine matching colored blocks in the middle of a city surrounded by surreal looking monsters waiting to tear your dreams down, all within a two minute span. It's a visual sugar rush to your soul that doesn't let you go.

The playability of the game is immediate, as the goal is extremely clear - rack up as many points within 120 seconds by combining matching condo blocks or feeding the hungry monsters with special blocks that will temporarily appease them. Some of the blocks, however, will get them aggravated and cause a complete meltdown. If you can't match three blocks in a row in a rapid manner while the monsters are freaking out, your structure may come tumbling down.

Surviving each round will get you to one of my favorite aspects of the game - the Monster Wheel! Spinning the wheel can net you more coins, money you will use to purchase special boosts that will help increase your total score in succeeding rounds. Any game which has an index finger dressed Geisha style will never take itself seriously, and its refreshingly ridiculous aesthetic instantly appealed to me.

Music is also a vital element to the game, as an unpredictable mishmash of dub step, rock and pop, only heightens the title's frenetic feel. One second you think you're jamming to Skrillex and within seconds a guitar  driven sample leads the way. If you need a little opera in your life, the buxom lady from Monster Wheel will belt a few notes. Want to get these creatures a bit sleepy? Play them a lullaby by throwing them a special block.

Watching the monsters freak out in the background as you increase your score is also fun to watch, and it's all of these ingredients which keeps these time based challenges exciting. Monotony is a problem that erupts with a fair share of puzzle games, but Super Monsters Ate My Condo! keeps things exciting with an abundance of creativity. There are over 90 goals in the game, and if you conquer every challenge set before you, the honored title of "Condo Eater" is yours.

At first, I thought Super Monsters Ate My Condo! was a clever moniker to describe our continuing mortgage crisis. The idea of condos blowing up in your face while monsters go gleefully crazy in the background must hold some deeper message that I'm missing. But if you take the game simply on face value, it just plain rocks. Score millions of points, collect a treasure trove of coins, and drive these monsters up the wall are just a few of your funnier than fun tasks. And remember, if you want to hear the fat lady sing, just spin the wheel and enjoy the ride.


App Store Link: Super Monsters Ate My Condo! for iPhoneiPad | By Adult Swim Games | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 38.0 MB | Rating 9+

8.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating