Nintendo gave us a special look at Super Mario Maker as well as some new amiibo information straight out of E3 2015.

The retro level creator, editor and player, Mario Maker, has been officially rebranded as Super Mario Maker. After watching footage of it in action, there's no dispute that this game certainly looks super. You're able to design your own Mario levels to your own design. Want a Koopa to pop out of a block when you hit it? No problem. You can even stack Bowser, a couple Hammer Bros, and a Thwomp on top of one another to the point where there's only a split second opening for you to get by. Mario Maker is one of the few games that lets you tap into the most sadistic side of your creativity that doesn't involve scheming hooker death traps in Los Santos.

Nintendo also announced the 8-bit Mario amiibo. This amazing figurine is based off of Super Mario's NES designs from when many of us were first introduced to him. Scanning this amiibo during Mario Maker gameplay will make your on-screen Mario character grow to an enormous size. Likewise, scanning other amiibo figures will let you add special costume mushrooms to the game. Grabbing these mushrooms will turn your Mario into a retro version of the character you scanned. As you would expect, scanning a Link amiibo will give you a costume from his first NES game.

Super Mario Maker will hit the Wii U on Sept. 11.

Nintendo / Polygon

Here's some impressive Super Mario Maker footage from the Nintendo World Championships this past weekend at E3:

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