Mario and Luigi have been the figureheads of gaming for the past three decades, so it's only right they get a proper tribute.

98.3 The Snake recently posted a music video paying tribute to gaming's favorite pair of plumbers. This tribute features the original song, You Give Me Sunshine. Our favorite part of this video is that it recaps the dozens of games and appearances that the Super Mario Bros. have made over the past 32 years. Starting with the arcade version of Donkey Kong in 1981 (where Mario was originally named "Jumpman"), all the way through to this year's upcoming Mario Maker, we get to see our mustachioed hero in all of his various incarnations. It doesn't matter if you were dropping quarters into an arcade cabinet in the '80s or mastering your platforming skills with an NES controller in your hand (or burning your copy of Mario is Missing), Mario has become synonymous with video games. Just as Hulk Hogan embodies everything there is about professional wrestling, Mario does the same for the video game medium.

When you watch You Give Me Sunshine, you'll get to see the various classics the Big M has graced over the years. You even get to see some of his lesser known adventures, such as his Hotel Mario, Mario Teaches Typing, Mario's Time Machine and Mario Tennis on the Virtual Boy (ugh). Speaking of tennis, we get to see the various sports titles Mario starred in as well. Never forget, Mario has had some strange jobs over the years, such as being an archaeologist, chef and professional dancer.