A few tweets from an inquisitive fan has revealed the nature of Sunset Overdrive's gameplay.

User Reece took to Twitter to ask about the open-world game's campaign mode and whether or not playing solo will mean that you'll miss out on certain content.

The official Sunset Overdrive Twitter handle responded by saying that the single-player campaign will be for one-player only, but that you can also jump into a multiplayer game. What's more is that playing solo means you will miss out on some content because the multiplayer mode will feature "some unique things."

In other Sunset Overdrive news, a teaser site for the in-game energy drink, OverCharge Delirium XT, has launched. It runs down some of the history of the energy drink, the drink's parent company and the rest of their products. You'll find out info about how you can see the mascot, Fizzie, on tour around the U.S. and special guests you'll be able to meet. Click on Fizzie a few times to listen to all of his strange commentary.

There's still no solid release date for Sunset Overdrive, but expect to see it on the Xbox One sometime this year.