Back in the 1990s Insomniac Games made their name on cartoonish action franchises like Ratchet & Clank and Spyro the Dragon. Their next title, Sunset Overdrive, is a return to form for the developer, and the team updated us on just how their old games are influencing their new one.

In a Q&A on the developer’s site, Insomniac promised that at the game’s launch, the selection of armaments for Sunset Overdrive “is about as large as the biggest Ratchet & Clank arsenal!" Presumably there will be even more weapons in future DLC packs. They went on to describe several of the weapons, such as the shotgun-like Roman Candle Gun, the Captain Ahab, which drops a pool of enemy-attracting Overdrive in addition to dealing huge damage to a single target, and the Turret Copter, a fire-and-forget drone. They also promised the return of the weapon wheel found in Ratchet & Clank.

Online multiplayer was discussed in the Q&A, though Insomniac was tight-lipped about details. They did state that there will be online co-op multiplayer, and that it would be a big part of the game, but there was no mention of head-to-head online modes.

Insomniac reiterated that the game will feature a robust customization suite, and announced that male and female characters will have access to all clothing options; "don't forget that the clothing items (which there are tons of) are completely equippable by anyone. So, if you want to be a dude in a skirt - go for it. It's the awesomepocalypse. Wear what you want."

Finally, the game’s day/night system was detailed. Sunset Overdrive won’t feature a full day/night cycle, but some sections of the game will be set at night. Insomniac explained, “There will be parts of the game that take place at night, yes, but if you are just strutting around the city for a while - the time of day doesn't change."

Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive, and is set to release later this year. Be sure to stay tuned for our coverage from E3, where we should learn more on Insomniac's latest title.

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