Get a little intro to some of the crazy weapons you'll see in Sunset Overdrive, all thanks to Sunset TV.

In this latest installment of Sunset TV, we're introduced to two of the whacked-out weapons from Insomniac Games' upcoming open-world shooter, Sunset Overdrive. Insomniac Games is known for crafting some of the weirdest weapons in the video game world; just look at any of the gizmos in the Ratchet & Clank games for proof. In Sunset Overdrive, they've brought their expertise in maniacal munitions to create the weapons being showcased in the video: the High Fidelity and the TNTeddy.

The High Fidelity is a gun that launches records. Unleash your inner hipster and fling old LPs of bands we've never even heard of at your enemies. While it's likely that a record will get stuck in a mutant, there's also a high chance that it will ricochet off a surface and bounce around, hitting other enemies.

The TNTeddy is the unholy marriage of a stuffed teddy bear and dynamite sticks in a launcher. Its explosions have a wide radius, so you can bet that splash damage will affect nearby baddies. This weapon is perfect for players who've always wanted their weapons to be the right combination of cute and deadly.

The rest of the video features answers for questions that were sent into the show. It's revealed that there won't be a combo system in the game, but melee attacks are highly customizable. Even if you can't chain melee attacks, you can perform them while grinding or slam into the ground.

Watch the video above for more mayhem from Sunset Overdrive, which is set for an Xbox One release in 2014.

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