Insomniac Games takes a fun jab at Ubisoft's recent controversy over the lack of playable females in Assassin's Creed Unity's online co-op by introducing a female assassin character.

Kotaku reports that the latest episode of 'Sunset TV,' its behind-the-scenes show detailing Sunset Overdrive's many features, has made a great joke at Ubisoft's expense. During the question and answer segment of Insomniac Games' newest episode, someone asked "can you play as a female character?" Sunset Overdrive's in-game response to this question was pure gold.

The host of 'Sunset TV' did not mention Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed Unity or any sort of direct reference, but the gameplay footage that played during his explanation depicted a female character garbed in an outfit akin to Altair and Ezio, which we must commend. The wall-running and climbing that the character performed only added more hilarity. The big statement here is that if Sunset Overdrive could add this in less than two weeks since the controversy started, why can't Ubisoft?

Sunset Overdrive will pit you against the hordes of energy drink-created mutants on Oct. 28, when it debuts exclusively on Xbox One.

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