These two new gameplay videos of Sunset Overdrive feature a group of survivors taking on a horde of mutants in a multiplayer game as well as a single-player mission that redefines what it means to be an on-rails shooter.

All Games Beta posted two new gameplay videos featuring Sunset Overdrive in action. The first of these videos features a player grinding along a railway, following behind a rocket-propelled monorail. There are thousands of mutants on every rooftop and monorail station the car passes, trying to stop the player as he follows. Luckily, the player has all sorts of crazy weaponry to stop both the mutants and the car itself. The grinding system of Sunset Overdrive is reminiscent of Jet Set Radio, but with Dead Rising's style of over-the-top monster disposal. We must note that there weren't any kill animations for when the train ran over the mutants, which hopefully is addressed before the release. The other video focuses on multiplayer action and has the player frequently bouncing on cars as if they were trampolines.

Sunset Overdrive will launch on Oct. 28 exclusively on Xbox One.

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