Insomniac Games has released a new, behind the scenes video for Sunset Overdrive, showing the work gone into making the game's ridiculous weapons believable.

Sunset Overdrive's latest behind the scene vid shows the reverse-engineering that has gone into bringing the over-the-top weapons of the game in real life. At Walter's Workshop, all of the crazy guns and explosions have been replicated in a controlled environment filled with napalm, exploding propane, bullets and all sorts of other fun types of mutant-disposal. We'd die from laughter if someone did something similar to the "massager" weapons of Dead Rising 3. Nevertheless, it's great to see any video game weapon replicated using real technology, and this video did not disappoint. That horrific energy drink that made the mutants of Sunset Overdrive is already a real thing -- it's called Four Loko.

Sunset Overdrive will launch on Oct. 28 exclusively for Xbox One.

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