The arcade hit Street Fighter X Tekken has finally hit the App Store and it's filled with nothing but awesome combo badness! Check out some screenshots and video of this hot new title.

We've been waiting for this one for a while and I downloaded it as soon as it hit the App Store. Play as your favorite fighter from Street Fighter or Tekken. Here are some of Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile's features:

◆2 vs 2 Tag Battles
Choose between Street Fighter and Tekken characters and create your very own tag team. Working together with your partner will be the key to victory!
Utilizes Capcom's Visual Pad for simple to use controls.

◆Striking 3D Battles
Four characters will duke it out in 3D rendered spaces! We've really pushed the graphics to their limits! Makes full use of the retina display for crisp and clear graphics!

◆New System : Gem Roulette
The Gem Roulette system is unique to the iOS version. Hit your opponent with the Launcher Attack (-> + X) to spin the roulette and get a random power-up.
Power-up your Pandora's Boxes to make your roulette wheel a force to be reckoned with!

◆Take on Skilled Players in Wi-Fi Ranked Match
Fierce competition from all over the world awaits! If the global scene feels a bit daunting, try becoming the champion of your region first!

I played over Wi-Fi and it worked great. Got my butt handed to me, but it ran smooth and there was no lag. You can also customize the placement and size of the joystick and buttons. I've been trying to Skype my boss all day to fight me online but the coward won't answer. You can't avoid me forever, boss man!!

Check out some video I took of me playing the game and also some screenshots. It's currently on sale for $2.99 for a limited time. Grab it now for the iPhone and iPad! We'll have a review up as soon as I stop embarrassing myself in online matches. (Review is up!)