If you're a fan of Street Fighter X Tekken, you'll probably want to know what the new 2013 patch has in store for your fighting game pleasure.

A post on the Capcom-Unity blog from ComboFiend details the changes, which are now live on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

One of the most major changes is in the gem system. The game now lets players utilize preset gem options, which allow for faster selection and customization of play-style. Players will need to create a new file to use these presets, but their saves will carry over. The only downside is that colored costumes won't be transferred.

ComboFiend gives us a breakdown of the presets, which include the gems used and their activation parameters:

<Gem List>
 Attack preset
 Display ID:1Immense PowerLand 5 normal attacks
 Display ID:19Immense PowerLand 1 launch attack
 Display ID:38Immense PowerBreak 1 throw
 Defense Preset
 Display ID:46Iron WallBlock 5 times
 Display ID:50Iron WallEat 2 special attacks
 Display ID:56Iron WallPerform a guard cancel
 Meter Build Preset
 Display ID:207OnslaughtLand 3 special attacks
 ID:205OnslaughtBlock 4 normal attacks
   Display ID:214OnslaughtPartner lands a launch attack
 Pandora Preset
 Display ID:24Immense PowerActivate Pandora
 Display ID:245ProficiencyActivate Pandora
 Display ID:139Divine SpeedActivate Pandora
 Balance Preset
 Display ID:1Immense PowerLand 5 normal attacks
 Display ID:48Iron WallBlock 10 times
 Display ID:205OnslaughtBlock 4 normal attacks


The downloadable content for the game, which adds 12 characters, will also be discounted next week and will go down to $14.99, or 1,200 Microsoft Points.

ComboFiend mentions that players have asked for an update to the PC version and says that patch 1.06 will be coming soon.

Lastly, he offers a playlist of videos that run through the changes for each character in the update. You can view these below.

Let us know what you think of the changes and whether or not they hurt/help your fighting experience!

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