Not even Ryu's mastery of his Shotokan-style of martial arts can match up to the meth-induced awesomeness that is 'Breaking Bad.' 

UK-based animator Junior Jesman has created a short, computer animated film paying tribute to both his favorite video game and his favorite series. Just when you thought that Capcom had officially bled the Street Fighter series dry of pairing its fighters against characters from other franchises, Jesman has put the champion of the original World Warrior tournament up against the go-to-guy of the biggest methamphetamine dealer in the western United States.

That's right, we have Ryu taking on Jesse Pinkman in an all-out brawl. The computer graphics Jesman included with his video look like a very authentic cross between the likes of LittleBigPlanet and 'Adventure Time.' At first, Ryu would seem like the obvious winner when taking on this scrawny drug peddler. Much like the show, Jesse is surprisingly resourceful, competing on fairly equal terms against Gouken's old pupil. Just when Ryu starts to crank up the voltage on his fireballs, Jesse's cancerous benefactor steps in to remind everyone who is the real star on 'Breaking Bad.'