The tyrannical dictator of Shadaloo is back with a ton of new tricks in this gameplay trailer for Street Fighter V. 

IGN has posted a new reveal trailer for Street Fighter V. This gameplay video focuses on M. Bison, the longtime boss and villain of the Street Fighter series. For some odd reason, Bison is going by the name "Dictator" now, which is the first and last time we'll ever call him that, as he'll always be known as M. Bison to us (and Balrog overseas). Another strange thing about Bison is that his hair is now all gray, which luckily is nowhere near as weird a change when compared to Charlie's Frankenstein makeover. Nevertheless, the Shadaloo shot caller is back in full force.

M. Bison's moves are still infused with Psycho energy, which engulfs his attacks in a glowing, purple fire. We should note that Bison now has a Rose-esque ability to deflect projectiles. As you would expect, Bison can teleport again, which is a lot faster this time and features the boss' infamous, maniacal laugh. Towards the end of the video, we get to see his new Ultra Move (or whatever it'll be called) — a superpowered version of the Psycho Crusher.

Street Fighter V will likely launch in spring 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC with cross-platform gameplay.