Capcom's latest trailer for Street Fighter V explains the Variable System and showcases all kinds of new gameplay changes.

Peter Rosas, Capcom's Community Manager, posted all kinds of new gameplay details and changes for Street Fighter V on the PlayStation Blog. This new gameplay reveal focuses on the Variable System, also known as the V-System. SFV's V-System is comprised of three different mechanics that revolve around the new V-Gauge added to the bottom of your screen above the EX Gauge. It looks like the V-System might be replacing the Focus Attacks of Street Fighter IV, as V-Skills will be accessed by pressing medium punch and medium kick together at the same time. V-Skills have different kinds of uses depending on the character. Ryu's V-Skill lets him predict the next incoming attack and automatically parry it, SFIII style.

When your V-Gauge is full, you can activate your V-Trigger by pushing heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time, which activates a kind of X-Factor mode that adds all kind of benefits to your attacks and beefs up defense. V-Reversals will use up one stock of V-Gauge, but will let you counter attacks while blocking, similar to the Alpha counters of the Street Fighter Alpha series. Lastly, the EX Gauge is combines the Ultra Meter and Super Gauge. As you deal damage, your EX Gauge builds and can let you do enhanced versions of your special moves. When the EX Gauge is maxed out, you can do a Critical Art, which is a cinematic attack that deals heavy damage, just like an Ultra Combo in SFIV.

While no release date has been set, Street Fighter V will launch in spring 2016 for PS4 and PC with cross-platform gameplay enabled.