Chillingo and developer Games Faction have updated their addictive side-scrolling shooter Storm the Train with new content, including extra character attributes, weapons, and a bunch of new features. All aboard!

The biggest change is the dividing of job roles among the three characters. Each one now has a specific, Team Fortress-esque duty: Soldier, Medic and Heavy. While playing, you have the ability to switch between all three of those roles with a swipe. Each job has a set number of powers and equipment.

Speaking of equipment, there are plenty of new weapons available from the in-game shop, with all of them now priced at more reasonable levels. And any purchases you have made in the past will be refunded so you can re-outfit your characters at the new price points. Not bad! If you haven't checked out Storm the Train yet, we recommend taking a look.

And why not? You can pick it up for free.