If you've ever had to sit there while your friend complained about not knowing how to beat a level, Steam has decided to help you out by creating Steam Broadcasting.

Steam reported that it is introducing a new Beta Steam Broadcasting option for all its members. All you'll have to do is right click on your friend who's in game and select "Watch Game" to start watching the live stream. If you're worried about who can see your streams, you won't have to worry; with Steam Broadcasting, the first time a person requests to watch your game, you will be prompted with a drop down menu of options. The  options are: only friends that I invite, friends can request to watch my games, friends can watch my games, or anyone can watch my games. If you choose the last option your broadcast will be visible on the game hub. The broadcast starts when someone starts watching your game and ends when you close the game. It all seems pretty straight forward and easy to use.

Steam is looking for your feedback on its Broadcasting update. You can sign up now by changing your account settings to "Beta Participation", but in order to watch your friends play, they have to be signed up as well.