How much is too much? Steam giving the Greenlight to indie developers has led to the service breaking its 2013 record rather early.

An influx of indie titles has resulted in Steam releasing more games in the first five months of 2014 than it did throughout all of 2013, Gamasutra reports. The number of games being released per month by Steam have also been steadily rising throughout 2014. Thanks to Steam's Greenlight project, more and more indie developers are able to put their work onto the digital distribution service.

While having a plethora of titles to choose from and giving small-time developers a chance to shine are two great things for the industry as a whole, there are a few negative aspects to this influx of offerings. In 2013, a new release would have graced the startup page of Steam for a few days. Given the rising abundance of new titles, the front page constantly changes every few hours, dropping the promotional time the average game gets on the front page. This means that it is easier for would-be classics to fall between the cracks into obscurity and for less people to randomly try them. Valve has been planning to get rid of Greenlight in order to let Steam users act as the gatekeepers of game distribution.