Valve has revealed the beta for its upcoming Steam Music program, which will allow players to link their online Steam account to their music library for continuous, custom soundtracks.

According to an announcement on the Steam Community website, the Steam Music beta will be hitting the Big Picture OS and SteamOS interfaces (a desktop version of Steam Music is inevitable, since its beta is expected to come out soon after the Big Picture and SteamOS betas are released). All you would have to do is link Steam to your music folder in order to start the process.

Players with a Steam Box/Steam Machine can simply use the guide button on their controller (or their keyboard and mouse if they're using the Big Picture OS) to help navigate their music collections mid-game. Steam expects that their official release will be fully tweaked from the input they gain from their open beta. Those with a Steam Box or Steam Machine are finally getting their own custom soundtracks. If you can't wait for the official release, sign up for the Steam Music beta here.